CGD business is operational in mainly three segments namely, domestic, commercial, and industrial. The city gate station (CGS) is the inlet point of the pipeline from where the natural gas enters into the CGD network. The measurement system used in CGS are orifice, turbine, ultrasonic and coriolis metering. The gas analysis is done using chromatographs. The field regulating station (FRS) is the inlet point from where natural gas enters MDPE pipeline network after controlling and regulating the gas pressure. The two type of measurement system used in FRS are RDP and turbine metering. The metering and regulating skids (MRS) is the transfer point from where gas supply pressure is regulated as per the requirement of the user. Gas flow measurement is also done in MRS. The type of measurement system used in MRS are RDP, turbine and diaphragm meters.

A plethora of meters are available for metering like orifice meter, turbine meter, ultrasonic meter and coriolis mass flow meter. All these have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Some new developments in CGD network are prepaid gas metering and LoRa-based AMR system. Ravi Kant Arya, Additional General Manager (Instrumentation &Automation), Indraprastha Gas Limited made a presentation at the Flow and Measurement Conference 2020 organised by India Infrastructure Publishing which can be downloaded here.