The response to switch to piped natural gas (PNG) as the primary fuel by industrial and commercial units has not garnered much interest by industries in Faridabad. Reportedly, a little above two per cent of all the industrial units in Faridabad have gone for PNG connection. The key challenge faced by industries in the switch from coal to gas is attributed to the increasing gas costs and high conversion costs.

The graded response action plan (GRAP) is set to come into force from October 1, 2022, under which the diesel-operated gen-sets will get banned, not many industries have got switched over or have applied for gas. With a total of around 450 PNG connections in the industry sector, only 50 units have got or applied for gas supply for generators as per latest updates. The city has over 25,000 industrial and commercial units. Emissions from industries using polluting fuels like coal and diesel oils have adverse impact on air quality in the National Capital Region and adjoining areas, shifting of industries to the PNG or cleaner fuels has also been a priority for the Commission for Air Quality Management. As per the government notification, the industries which do not shift to cleaner energy will be shut down. Without financial aid from the government, the move will be a disaster for the companies.