Municipal Corporation of Delhi is planning to operationalise bio-CNG/CBG plant at Ghogha, Okhla and Hastsal.

The civil works are going on and raw material would be feed into the digesters by December 2022 for Ghogha bio-CNG plant. It is likely to be commissioned by March 2023.  The expected production of various components generated after the bio-methanation process of 200 tons per day of municipal solid waste will comprise 8,000 kg per day of compressed biogas, 30 tons per day of city compost, 100 kilolitres per day of wet slurry.

At Okhla, the 200 tpd bio-CNG plant is being upgraded to a 300 tpd. The construction work is expected to be completed by July 2023.

At Hastsal, a smaller facility is expected to be operationalised by April 2023.