The compressed natural gas (CNG) prices have jumped by Rs 5, i.e., have witnessed an increase to Rs 73 per kg from a price of Rs 68 per kg. It is worth noting that the prices of petrol and diesel remain unchanged at Rs 19.96 per litre and Rs 102.67 per litre, respectively. As of now, a total of 1,500 buses of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited run on CNG. In addition to this, 98 per cent of over 0.1 million autorickshaws in Pune operate on CNG, excluding majority of cabs and private vehicles. CNG price has increased in the international market, as a result of which domestic prices have risen. Moreover, the price hike also took place because of an increase in cost of an additive gas for CNG that has to be imported.