As sales volume in the city gas distribution sector is poised to grow substantially in the coming years, the gas demand for many geographical areas situated in remote locations will have to be catered through small-scale liquefied natural gas (SSLNG) terminals. Hence, the immense scope of SSLNG in India has led to various innovations in development of its infrastructure. Several innovations have been made in the SSLNG segment that have led to process optimisation, enhancement of terminal capacity and improved technology selection. Significant advances are being made to reduce construction costs and the new techniques being developed have lowered such costs by up to 30 per cent. As small-scale facilities can use prefabricated tanks, pressurised storage tanks which are suitable for SSLNG are being made available. Further, new regasification technology, new pool fire suppression technology, new insulation technology and membrane technology are also being introduced to ensure overall safety and efficiency in SSLNG operations.

At a recent conference on Small-Scale LNG in India organised by India Infrastructure Publishing, Atul Chaudhari, General Manager, Tata Consulting Engineers discussed about the scope of SSLNG in India and the various innovations being introduced in its infrastructure development.