AG&P opened its first wholly owned liquefied and compressed natural gas (LCNG) station in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, under its India city gas distribution subsidiary, AG&P Pratham. The LCNG station is located at Kalptaru Jodhpur, Rajasthan and comprises of two storage tanks with capacity of 56 MT of LNG storage and gasification. This is the first LCNG station in Rajasthan and will facilitate uninterrupted availability of natural gas to commercial, industrial and residential customers not connected to the gas pipeline, as well as owners and drivers of any CNG powered vehicle.  

With the opening of the LCNG station, AG&P Pratham now has six operational CNG stations in Jodhpur in the areas of Diesel Shed, Pal Road, Lalsagar Road, Soorsagar Road, Mandore and Salawas. Moreover, three additional CNG stations are also expected to be commissioned next month of which two will be located on Pali Highway and one on Banar Road.