In a key development, THINK Gas has commissioned its medium pressure liquid natural gas (MPLNG) storage and re-gasification system at Bagroda, Bhopal. This is in addition to the already operating low pressure and high pressure systems.
Being the first of its kind, the LNG satellite station in Bagroda will connect the steel pipeline infrastructure, through the city of Bhopal and help build an ecosystem of online compressed natural gas (CNG) stations, to cater to residential colonies, households, industrial and commercial customers, across Bangrasiya, 11 mile, Misrod, Veer Savarkar Bridge, Danish Nagar upto Rani Kamalapati railway station, all from a single location. The commissioning of the MPLNG storage is unique headway in the small-scale LNG space.
The THINK Gas LNG satellite station at Bagroda will also start dispensing LNG and cater to heavy duty vehicles soon.