The sale of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Delhi have risen to 85 per cent of the pre-lockdown level with the opening up markets, and resumption of businesses and other economic activities since June 2020. As per the data from Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the supplier of natural gas in the capital and adjoining towns of Uttar Pradesh, CNG sales averaged 2.75 million kg per day in August 2020 as against 3.45 million kg per day in August 2019.

According to IGL, the CNG sales on working days reaches about 92-95 per cent of pre-Covid level. Meanwhile, the supply of piped natural gas (PNG) to industrial units has reached 100 per cent level. However, the supply of PNG to hotels, restaurant and other commercial establishments still lags behind pre-Covid levels.

The CNG sales had fallen by 90 per cent to 370,000 kg per day in April 2020 due to the complete lockdown. IGL has shut down most of its stations in the national capital region (NCR) due to decline in demand.