The presentation throws light on the city gas distribution (CGD) bidding rounds. The 11th CGD round held in 2021 offered a total of 65 geographical areas (GAs) of which 61 GAs have been awarded. It also discusses the natural gas consumption and requirement in order to achieve 15 per cent share of the primary energy mix by 2030. The presentation also lays out a road map with short-medium- and long-term targets to help increase the share of natural gas in the energy mix. It is expected that India will be able to achieve the 15 per cent share provided the correct interventions are taken.     

In the 17th edition City Gas Distribution in India  conference organised by India Infrastructure Publishing, Devay Gupta, Director-Oil, Gas and Green Fuels, Transformation- Strategy and Operations, KPMG India made a presentation on natural gas requirements and consumption.

Natural Gas Requirements and Consumption