The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has come up with guidelines for gas supplies to the industrial and commercial customers connected by city gas distribution (CGD) entity with their city or local natural gas distribution networks as well as customers consuming natural gas other than for domestic use and categorised under non-domestic segment except in transport for automotive use where natural ventilation is not available. The guidelines cover the general recommendation for material selection, safe installation, inspection or testing which is to be carried out prior to commissioning of the facilities at the downstream of MRS up to appliance point for new as well as for the cases where alterations are required. As per the guidelines, the customer shall ensure compliance to these guidelines for the health, safety, and integrity of the IP downstream of meter or MRS as well as appliances or equipment throughout the operating period. These guidelines aim to ensure health, safety and integrity of internal installation within the customer premises including and not limited to its material selection, planning and designing, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning as well as operation and maintenance of the facilities downstream of meter or MRS conforming to specifications laid down in the PNGRB Technical Standards for CGD Networks.

Further, PNGRB’s guidelines for gas supplies to multi-occupancy residential buildings provide for the installation of the pipes etc. for supplying natural gas to multi occupancy residential buildings (domestic premises) where natural ventilation is not available, in the tertiary network and up to and including the steel reinforced rubber hose installed inside the kitchen of the domestic customer, and includes the risers and laterals systems to facilitate supply of natural gas to the domestic customers. These guidelines follow the general principles detailed in the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, UK with amendments for the conditions that exist in the areas of the installations where natural ventilation is not available and with reference to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Networks) Regulations, 2008.

The full policy document can be downloaded from the PNGRB’s website