The number of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in Bengaluru are expected to increase as 20 more stations will come up in the city by July 2021 and another 100 within the next three years.  Currently, 3,332 vehicles in Bengaluru operate on CNG and are served by 30 CNG stations. Of the existing CNG vehicles, 2,406 are cars/taxis and 866 auto-rickshaws. Further, 45 trucks and 15 other miscellaneous vehicles are also fuelled by CNG.

GAIL Gas had recently signed an agreement with Confidence Petroleum India Limited (CPIL) to set up 100 CNG stations in Bengaluru over the next three years. CPIL will set up and operate the stations and associated facilities. The new CNG stations will be located in core areas of the city or at CPIL’s retail outlet sites.