In a key development, compressed natural gas (CNG) customers in Mumbai will soon get the fuel delivered at their doorsteps. An energy distribution start-up The Fuel Delivery signed a letter of intent with the Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) to set up mobile CNG stations in the city. The 24×7 service will cater to all CNG-run auto rickshaws, cabs, private and commercial vehicles, school buses and other vehicles that use CNG.

With the launch of the doorstep services, refuelling of CNG vehicles will become much easier for the customers. Reportedly, the start-up has received approval from MGL to operate two composite CNG Dispensing Units (CDUs) or mobile CNG stations in Mumbai, to begin with. The service will start in the next three months from Sion and Mahape in Mumbai and gradually it will be extended to other parts of the city. Mumbai consumes around 4.3 million kilograms of CNG per year through over 0.5 million CNG-run vehicles, while the city has only 223 stations.