According to reports, the government is expected to launch a pilot project on hydro-compressed natural gas (HCNG) in Delhi soon. The development comes in light of the government’s efforts towards providing cleaner auto fuels in the country in order to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. Further, considerable efforts are being undertaken to ensure the availability of CNG infrastructure in the country.

With regard to ethanol, a noted increase in its production is expected by 2021. Besides, plans are underway for the introduction of E12 and E15 shortly. In this respect, a pilot project will be implemented for pure ethanol in Pune soon.

The sector of compressed biogas is of equal significance for the agriculture sector, besides there is a huge source available in the country for the same. A no. of biogas projects are currently being undertaken by the government to produce large quantity of biogas that would also flow in the city gas distribution network, making it available along with CNG.