Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) has reported a robust recovery in its gas sales volumes post lockdown with its standalone net profits reaching Rs 4.75 billion for the quarter ended September 2020 as compared to the net profits of Rs 590 million reported in the first quarter of 2020-21. Further, GGL’s standalone revenues from operations have more than doubled to Rs 25.60 billion in the second quarter as compared to Rs 11.07 billion in the previous quarter.

According to GGL, its industrial gas sales volumes have reached above pre-lockdown level. Further, in compressed natural gas (CNG) and commercial categories, the gas sales volumes are currently at 90 per cent and 70 per cent of pre-lockdown levels respectively.

At present, GGL flows total gas volume of 10.50 million standard cubic meter per day (mmscmd) as compared to an average sale of 9.44 mmscmd in 2019-20. Further, the company has successfully commissioned 51 new CNG stations during April-September 2020.