Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has planned to set up 12 more compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across Patna by March 2023. With this, the total number of CNG stations in the city will go up to 31 by next year. With the ban on diesel-powered auto-rickshaws in Patna and neighbouring areas like Danapur, Phulwarisharif and Khagaul, the drivers have become entirely dependent on CNG. Given that the autos have been mandated to run on CNG, the demand has also increased since March 31, 2022. Reportedly, the daily supply of CNG in the city is around 60,000-65,000 kg while the demand is almost equal. It would be a challenge to meet the demand if the number of vehicles running on CNG continue to increase. CNG in the city is made available through Haldia-Jagdishpur gas pipeline.