Innovative technologies are transferring the way the city gas distribution (CGD) companies do business. In light of this trend, digitalisation is emerging as a niche area and CGD companies are increasingly adopting smart solutions that hold immense potential in times to come. While smart meters are important for ensuring accurate measurement of gas consumption, analysing the data collected using dashboards, analytical tools and innovative software has now become all the way more important. Currently, there is a plethora of reliable technologies available for transmitting data from smart meters – RF Walk By/Drive, RF LoRa WAN P2P, RF Mesh, NbIoT, etc. Meanwhile, telemetry devices can be used to ensure transmission of data reliably, quickly and cost effectively while ensuring operational efficiency. Vinay Dixit, National Manager, Itron India Private Limited made a presentation during the India Smart Grid Week 2020 which can be downloaded here.